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Which Bestie Are You Most like?

*Pups, you must answer honestly to reveal your true match*

Question 1
How would your furry friends best describe you?

Question 2
Hoomans are off out for dinner.. What would you rather do?

Question 3
Picture this.. You are all snuggled up and cosy in your bed. Which of the following is going to change that?

Question 4
Hooman is in the bathroom.. Where are you?

Question 5
What does your pawfect day looks like..

Question 6
If you could talk, what would be your most used phrase?

Your Results!

If most of your answers were A then you are most like - EDDIE

If most of your answers were B then you are most like - GEORGE

If most of your answers were C then you are most like - OLLIE

If most of your answers were D then you are most like - SID

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