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DIY Paw print keepsake

DIY Paw print keepsake

The most special keepsake gift you could give to any dog owner this Christmas!


Create lasting memories of your pets pawprint without the mess and toxic inks! These little pads ensure that it’s quick and easy and most impawtantly, super safe for your pets!


How to use

*If you have a super wriggly pet this may be easier to achieve if they are sleeping or at least more relaxed.


  • Place the ink pad on top of the plain white card included. Lay them onto a flat surface such as the floor. (Ink side facing down on the card! You can tell which is the correct side as it states this clearly on the pad) Its super important we’re not putting those paws directly on to the ink!


  • Get your pet to walk or stand over the card. You can also imprint your pets paw yourself by placing it gently on top of the ink pad with a little pressure. (Remember the paws don’t touch the ink side at all!)


  • Gently remove your pets paw and peel the ink pad away from the card. Let the ink dry and voila!

This gift comes with 2 cards and also an envelope/frame and some string. Meaning you could create a special card, frame your print as a picture or use it as a hanging Christmas decoration. The options are endless!


*For best results, ensure pets paws are

clean and hair is short between the pads to create a more defined print. These prints could potentially smudge slightly. To create the perfect print you’d need your dog to not move at all! This is obviously easier said than done and isn’t always going to be the case but let’s face it, it simply adds to the effect and they tried their best (thats what I think anyway) 🙊


You are going to end with a memory that will last forever and that's the most important thing!

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