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Hugs & Tails Snuffle Ball

Hugs & Tails Snuffle Ball

Here we have one of Hugo’s personal favourites and hopefully soon to be your pups too!

Our handmade snuffle balls! The magic, treat dispensing ball that every dog should have! Perfect for:

  • Everyday enrichment
  • Rainy day activities
  • Stressful situations
  • Dinner time
  • Super speedy eaters!


There are SO many benefits to these!


How to use a snuffle ball 

Simply place/hide your dogs treats or food within the folds of the ball. And watch your dogs nose and brain get to work! It stimulates both their brains and senses as they try to figure out how to get the treats out! It’s fun, it’s tiring and it’s super rewarding!


Did you know sniffing releases happy hormones for our dogs? It’s a great way to not only mentally stimulate them but it’s a great way to de-stress too!


An all rounder great product and gift!

  • Care instructions and other information

    I would advise if you need to wash the snuffle ball to wash on a 30 degree wash with no washing powder or detergents. (Your dogs nose will spend a lot of time in the ball and we want it to smell of treats and not be overpowered by strong smells of fragrance)

    Leave to air dry.

    *Our Snuffle balls come in one size for all. There are a few different colour options too. Please note by selecting *blue for example, you may end up with an all blue snuffle ball or a mostly blue coloured snuffle ball. Colour options vary but will mainly be the colour the select!

    As always with any product, please do not leave your pet unattended whilst playing with the snuffle balls. They are handmade and so it’s important to check them regulary for any signs of damage/wear and tear.


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